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Conscious Dating, Twin Flames, Relationships, Sacred Sexuality

Discover how to manifest and move into Conscious Dating and even your Twin Flame spirituality, and how to maximize any relationship.  For the truly committed & spiritual, we can introduce you to the powerful alchemy of Sacred Sexuality.  Sandra also specializes in Narcissistic/Psychopathic/Sociopathic Recovery work.

Spiritual Wills, Sovereignty at Death and Beyond. Who Do You Trust?

You wouldn't leave your earthly goods unaccounted for.  Make sure you leave this incarnation Divine, Sovereign and Free--not subject to the dictates of any other entity.  State your will and intention for all to hear and follow.

Put Over 50 Years of Real-World Spiritual Experience to Work For You

Our combined experience spans the spiritual spectrum.  Entity attachment, ET's, abductions, addictions, healing, readings, divination, Conscious Parenting--we can help you be your own guru and unindoctrinate yourself.  We work on a donation basis.  Contact us today.

We Work on a Donation Basis TO SERVE YOU

Your support is appreciated as we work together to change the world one life at a time!

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We are ready to work with you on a donation basis to help you change your life for the better.

If you have the clear intention, grit, and desire, we can make it happen together.

Sandra & Jeffrey Daugherty

www.jeffreydaugherty.com www.rawreflections.org

UNindoctrinate Yourself. It's an Inside Job

Services Offered

Relationship Optimization, Spiritual Counseling, Recovery Counseling, Meditation Instruction, Entity Cleansing, UFO/ET issues, Life Track Analysis, Astral Projection, Readings. and much more--just ask.  We can help!